Rules Firefly Contest

The Firefly Contest is a contest where employees and students at the University of Technology Eindhoven (TU/e) are invited to design their own light show by developing their own drone trajectory and embedding their own songs which accompany this route.
These rules are only applicable for the Contest organized in 2019. If an account is made for participating in the contest, Firefly Eindhoven will view this as accepting these general rules.

Practical information and data

The registration for the Firefly Contest in 2019 starts on the 13th of May 2019. The submissions of virtual drone trajectories will close on 2nd of June 2019 at 12.00.

The contest will therefore be categorized in four weeks:

Week 1: 13-05 to 19-05 (12.00)                                                        First week of submissions
Week 2: 20-05 to 26-05 (12.00)
Week 3: 27-05 to 02-06 (12.00)                                                        Last week of submissions
Week 4: 03-06 to 09-06

On every Monday of Week 2, 3, and 4: a weekly winner will be announced on our site and social media pages. A video of a real drone trajectory might be published on and our social media channels using the submission of the weekly winner (name of winner will be included).

It is strongly recommended to use Google Chrome as web browser to participate in the Firefly Contest.
The overall winner will be announced after these four weeks, namely on the 12th of June.

Selection procedure

  1. Each week, all the submissions are reviewed and examined by Firefly Eindhoven. The weekly winner will be selected according to predefined rubrics, which are mentioned under the sub-heading “Rubrics”. The weekly winner will be announced on the website and social media channels including Facebook and Instagram.
  2. An overall winner will be chosen from the three selected weekly winners. This is done by three judges and voting by the general public. The votes of the general public lead to bonus points which are added to the points granted by the judges.
  3. A team of judges consisting of three members will judge the three trajectories. These include a PhD candidate of Systems and Control, an editor of the TU/e news site Cursor, and a team member of Firefly Eindhoven.
  4. Fans, friends, and Firefly followers (and anyone else) are allowed to cast their vote on their favorite trajectory via social media.

Voting starts in the morning of the 8th of June and closes at 17.00 on the 10th of June.


All the trajectories will be judged on the following criteria: creativity, smoothness, use of lights, use of music, potential for live show. For each criterion, the trajectory can score 10 points. That means that the maximum amount of points for the trajectory are 50 points.
When the general public is allowed to vote in the selection of the overall winner, the trajectory receiving the most likes receives 10 bonus points. The trajectory on the second receives 5 bonus points and the one with the least amount of likes receives 3 bonus points.


The overall winner that is announced on the 12th of June will be invited to receive a travel voucher that is worth 250 euros.

Terms and conditions

  1. In order to participate in the Firefly Contest, the Participant is obliged to create an account on this website: The Participant is obliged at any time to ensure that the provided information is complete, correct and accurate. By creating an account, the Participant also accept the terms stated in the Privacy Statement. Firefly Eindhoven reserves the right to refuse submissions from accounts where the data provided is suspected to be incorrect. It is not allowed to make an account for other people without their explicit consent.
  2. The Participant must be an employee or student of the University of Technology Eindhoven. It is only possible to create an account on our platform with a valid or e-mail address.
  3. The Participant must be 16 years or older in order to participate in the Firefly Contest. By agreeing these Rules, the Participant guarantees that he or she is 16 years or older. Firefly Eindhoven is not able to check if a visitor is 16 years or older. If you are convinced that Firefly Eindhoven has collected information minor without the explicit consent of his or her parents, please contact us via [email protected]. Firefly Eindhoven will then delete all the corresponding information.
  4. The overall winner must be able to identify him- or herself with a corresponding TU/e campus card in order to redeem the prize.
  5. The Participant accepts to give up their exclusive rights on the design of the virtual drone trajectory and all the specifications selected in our trajectory generator.
  6. Each Participant may only submit one trajectory per week (in Week 1, 2, and 3) in the period of the 13th of May 2019 to the 2nd of June 2019. The last submission that has been made (indicated by a star in the app) will count. It is not possible to make changes in the trajectory anymore after submitting it to Firefly Eindhoven.
  7. The Participant agrees that Firefly Eindhoven may publish his or her first name and surname on our webpage and on social media when the Participant’s trajectory is selected as weekly winner or as overall winner. The Participant also explicitly agrees, when the Participant becomes the overall winner, that photos of the Participant taken by Firefly Eindhoven may be published on the webpage and on social media.
  8. Firefly Eindhoven reserves the rights to make changes in these Rules and the Privacy Statement at any moment. Any changes in these will be communicated at the top of this page. It is the responsibility of the Participant to be aware of any changes in our regulations. Therefore, we stimulate the Participant to visit these pages regularly to check for updates.
  9. There will be no correspondence about the results and rating of the trajectories.


Firefly Eindhoven is not in any way responsible for Participants uploading media and files which violates copyright laws and rights.