Partners and sponsors

Partners mentioned below help us to achieve our goals. Without their help in the context of knowledge, experience, equipment and finance, our project would be impossible to achieve.

Eindhoven University of Technology

TU/e – A Dutch top university which through cooperation with industry and healthcare sector translate research results directly into innovative products and services. TU/e: Where Innovation Starts.

AVULAR – A manufacturer of industrial UAV systems and provider of supportive services. Their experience in the field of UAV allows creating amazing drone used in our project.

OPZUID – This work is supported by The European innovation for South Netherlands (OPZuid) under the grant ‘Drone safety cluster’.


DIFTER BEAT – A young Dutch producer making progressive house and electro house music. With his talent, he is able to prepare music for our shows which will enhance emotions of every audience.

TMC – An international high-tech company. Their Employeneurship model offers engineers from all backgrounds the comfort of employment and opportunities in entrepreneurship.  They provide services to customers all over the world, with expertise in research, development and engineering.