Firefly's goal is to develop an inspiring light show using flying drones

The team aims to put up an amazing light show at Eindhoven University of Technology using drones, LEDs and music!

The Drone

Our drone was developed in association with Avular Eindhoven, a manufacturer of drones. Some parts are specifically designed for light shows.

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The Team

Meet the team! Find out which people make up the team of Firefly and their responsibilities within the team.

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Upcoming Events

Find out what we are doing next! Here we will write all about our upcoming projects and how you can see us in action!

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Ground Robot Working Faster

Last week we unfortunately had some bugs with the robot path following. However we fixed these bugs and now the robots can make a full trajectory even faster then before! In the video you can see the trajectory of our second ground robot. The path following should also work for our third ground robot, so

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Ground Robot Trajectory

On October 11, 2017, we managed to complete, for the first time, for a ground robot to make a single trajectory from the concept show we have for the drones. That is, the x,y, coordinates and the orientation with respect to z, which should be performed by a ground robot. Check out the videos!  

Drone flying outdoors

On September 27, 2017, we got to fly the amazing curiosity drone produced by Avular for the first time outdoors. We flew it outside and obtained measurements from an ultra-wide band system. We plan to use this drone for the show! Check out the video!  

New Plan

On September 16, 2017, we had the second hackathon at Avular. The night before we had just concluded exporting our software for high-level control, supervisor and collision avoidance to C. The hackathon went quite well and we made progress in several directions. Still, given the progress, which was good but not as fast as needed

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Improved animation

Using the Simulink 3D animation toolbox, we have greatly improved our animation. A first look of it can be seen in the video. This is not the final trajectory and we’re still working on the implementation of the lights, but a good start is half the work!

Team Expansion #2

Eight of the first years honors students have decided to join us in making an amazing show for Glow! This greatly improves our possibilities. We have split into groups to make the entire process more efficient with a more clear focus point for each group.