Meet the team

The Firefly team is based on one of the Honors programmes of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), specifically the one on the development of quadcopter drones. The team is represented by students and staff from several different education programmes and faculties. Each of the team’s members cooperate in smaller sub-groups which have their own responsibilities. Below, the team members and their roles within the project are introduced. To contact a person specifically, you can click there name to contact them through LinkedIn.

General management and coaching

Duarte Guerreiro

Armand Starczewski

Roy Cobbenhagen

Alex Andriën

Organisation and design

Stijn Kamp

Iris Camps

Willem Pennings

High-level control and coordination

Peter van Dooren

Kyle van Oosterhout

Wouter Tonnon

Johan Kon

Leroy Driessen

Vansh Kharbanda

Trajectory app and new opportunities

Emre Deniz

Claudiu Ion

Thomas Booij

Sara Polak

Software integration and validation

Daan de Graaf

Konrad Komisarczyk

Koen de Mare

Adam Siemieniuk

Previous Members

Toos van Gool

Jeroen Willigen


Raymond Koopmanschap

Danny Choi