The drone

The drones used for the light shows are state-of-the-art Avular Curiosity drones, drones which come with pre-installed software and an ultra-wideband (UWB) positioning system. The advantage of these drones is that they already have a simple, working system that is easily modifiable. Furthermore, the frame is perfect for the attachment of LEDs used in the light show.

However, the mentioned UWB positioning system has an accuracy of ~10 cm, which is definitely noticeable for inside drone shows. Therefore, the team decided to purchase the Optitrack system – a system that has an accuracy up to the thickness of a piece of paper, an increase of almost 1000x. Since this system provides accurate tracking, it can be used for further additions to the show in the future – think of virtual reality applications.

One might ask; since you buy everything, what exactly do you do? The answer is yes, we buy the hardware, but we have to build 90% of the software ourselves. For example, the Optitrack cameras only output the coordinates of objects, but anything from here has to be programmed by ourselves. If you are interested in what we do or the hardware, feel free to contact [email protected] and we can show you around.