TU/e’s first ever drone contest

We are happy to announce that we are organizing a droneshow contest at the TU/e from the 13th of May till the 2nd of June! We already put posters up all over the TU/e so be sure to check them out. Of course we will also keep you updated on this website as well as all our social media @fireflyeindhoven.

So what can you expect during this contest?

Every student and employee from the TU/e will be able to participate. Using our webapplication you can create your own droneshow using motion, lights and music. An example of such a show that we created for you, with the drones dancing to Queen’s We will rock you, can be seen in the video below!


Be creative and create your own show! The winner of our contest will receive a travel voucher that is worth 250 euros. The app will go live on the 13th of May and you will have until the 2nd of June to create your own show and submit it. Once the app is live we will of course share the link with you!

Please check out the Privacy Statement and Rules Firefly Contest for more details.

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