Entrepreneural Experience Event at TMC

Last Thursday we attended the Entrepreneural Experience Event (E3) organized by TMC. It was a great opportunity to show people participating in high tech industries in their every day life what we are creating with the Firefly team. We had some interesting conversations with employees from TMC, entrepreneurs and technical students while networking downstairs.







Upstairs we had created our own flying area to show the progress in our drone show so far. It actually went really well and people were really enthusiastic, including some partners from Robot Love and Glow, whom we aspire to work with in the future. Below are some more pictures to give an impression of the event.







We were of course not the only project shown at the Entrepreneural Experience Event. There were some other great projects and concepts and during the event people could vote for their favourite project. We managed to get the most votes and even got away with a beautiful prize, so we can definitely say that this event was a success!

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